The Sheriff’s Academy is a twenty-two (22) week training program and is approved by the California Department of Corrections and the California Commission on P.O.S.T.  Classes are conducted Monday through Friday and some weekends and holidays. Academy days are generally eight and one-half hours long and may be conducted in shifts. Recruits generally spend additional time outside of class preparing for class and studying for exams. Recruits in the Sheriff’s Academy will participate in classroom and scenario-based training which will include: the interpretation and application of laws, report writing, radio operations, first aid and CPR, defensive tactics, handcuffing and searching techniques, use of the baton, the safe handling, care, and use of firearms, emergency vehicle operations, and Department regulations and laws regarding the use of force and firearms. Throughout the academy program, recruits will also participate in regular physical training. Knowledge, skill and task competence will be assessed. Academy success will be determined through multiple choice, and true/false tests, role playing exercises, performance, physical ability, and work sample tests.

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